Balakrishna Brutally Trolled After He Asks Who is AR Rahman

22 Jul, 2021 15:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Nandamuri Balakrishna, a popular Tollywood actor and two-time MLA from Hindupur was in the ire of controversy once again for his recent remarks that he didn’t know who A R Rahman was. While speaking to a Telugu news channel, the veteran actor stated how he didn’t know who the Oscar-winner music composer, AR Rahman was. He then stated how he just gives one hit a decade and added how he didn’t know him even when he won an Oscar. Not just that he also made some sensational remarks that the Bharat Ratna, one of the highest civilian awards was equal to his father’s ‘toenails’

This had set off a series of comments and full-fledged  troll attack against the actor -with the hashtag who is balakrishna(#whoisbalakrishna) on Twitter. Most AR Rehman fans and Tamil Twitter users who brutally trolled him or rather abused him for not knowing about the music maestro, AR Rahman. Many of them warned him and while some others also started posting his comedy and fight scenes from the films and trolled him.

Take a look at some of the troll reactions here:

While Balayya’s fans were quick to retaliate to post his political pictures stating that he was an MLA of a regional party in Andhra Pradesh, others shared videos of him with children suffering from cancer and stated that he had a heart of gold in his defense. They mentioned that he was doing yeoman service by offering free treatment to the poor through the Basavataram Cancer Institute named after his mother.

The eccentric star is known for his tantrums off-screen and on stage. There have been several instances of him slapping fans and followers during elections rallies. And those videos continue to play on the internet. During a launch of a film, the actor suddenly threw his phone at someone to hold it for him, much to the surprise of the young actors standing there. And of course, the 'bulbul video' remains an all-time favourite of both fans and foes.

Putting aside all these trolls, the actor is gearing up for the release of his new film titled Akhanda where he will be seen in a new look sans wig and heavy makeup. The teaser was also quite hit and the film is directed by action director Boyapati Srinu, who resurrected Balakrishna's career with the hit movie Legend.

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