'Naa Peru Meenakshi' Actress Navya Swamy Infected With COVID-19

1 Jul, 2020 19:32 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Popular Telugu small-screen actress Navya Swamy who plays the lead role in daily serials 'Naa Peru Meenakshi' and  'Aame Katha' has tested positive for coronavirus. The actress underwent the COVID-19 test and the result turned out to be positive. She is currently in self-quarantine.

Talking about her symptoms, She said, "I had a mild headache and tiredness for over 3-4 days. I underwent tests on the advice of my doctors. Now, I am currently in self-quarantine and I do not have any symptoms now. I am doing well."

Sharing her experience, the 'Naa Peru Meenakshi' actress said, "I was crying continuously from last night till early in the morning. Seeing my pathetic situation, even my mother was in tears. My phone was busy, I was talking to many people. My WhatsApp account is flooded with messages on coronavirus precautions, symptoms and treatment. I was feeling guilty that I put my co-actors and other crew in trouble. Trying to be mentally stronger in these trying conditions."  

Meanwhile, following Navya's testing positive for the dreaded virus, other actors and people who came in contact with her during the shoots, are requested to isolate themselves.

Earlier this month, the Telangana government allowed the Telugu Film Industry to resume their Shootings following relaxation in lockdown restrictions from June 15. The state government however had a word of caution for them -- the film and TV crews were asked to carry out their shooting activities in strict adherence of the COVID-19 guidelines.

Following this, many actors started shooting for television serials and shows adhering to rules imposed by the state and the central government.

Before Navya Swamy tested positive, another TV actor Boddu Prabhakar was recently rumoured to have tested positive and speculated to be undergoing treatment for the dreaded virus. But later, the unit of the TV serial that he works for clarified that Prabhakar had in fact tested negative for the virus and there was no truth in the news that he fell ill with COVID-19.

Initially, his name also led to confusion as many took him popular television actor, producer and director Prabhakar. Later, it became evident that the Prabhakar in the news was the one associated with the serial 'Intinti Gruhalakshmi'. Following this, there was also speculation that noted film director and television reality show anchor Omkar also tested positive and he was spending his time in isolation. But there was no official confirmation on this.

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