Mrinal Dutt Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane Ahead of Khwabon Ke Parindey Release

15 Jun, 2021 14:38 IST|Sakshi Post

As Mrinal Dutt's new show releases yesterday, he shares how they stayed at 12 different locations with 40 days of shooting on the go, which makes this trip once in a lifetime kind of experience. 

Road trips are truly overwhelming, but trust Mrinal Dutt and company to enjoy while even shooting for one. The actor's next web series, Khwabon Ke Parindey, hits the screen today and he decided to walk down the memory lane, reminiscing how shooting for the show was an extremely incredible experience and a constant dopamine release. Not only did they drive by themselves, but they also hopped between motels, hostels, and hotels, drive-in homes, guest houses while on the trip. All of this, only after they rehearsed in Melbourne for about 10 days, where they stayed together and shot thereafter for the next 10 days before heading out to the countryside for the next 40 days.

Narrating the experience, he tells us, ''We left Melbourne with a convoyage of 8 cars, each driving their own, including the actors, camera team, etc. Over the due course of our 40-day journey, we have stayed at over 10-12 different places, where we shot for 4-5 days each. The shooting felt like we left home behind while just travelling on the road and we were all there present in each and every moment happening in front of us''

He adds, ''I was living the character of  Dixit in the literal sense, and the entire journey felt surreal, where we did everything together and the whole crew felt like a family and home away from home. The experience of filming on the go is absolutely incredible.
I shared a specs bond with the Australian crew as well and I can’t go back to see them again”

The series is now streaming on Voot.

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