Monal Gajjar To Enter Bigg Boss Non-Stop House?

2 Mar, 2022 20:28 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is entertaining the audience with non-stop high drama, and the contestants are giving their best to grab the attention of the audience. The war between the warriors and the challenges is full-on fire. Anyway, each contestant has a different game strategy and putting their efforts to play the tasks so as to avoid elimination. With each passing day, one could see new colors of the contestants. As warriors are ex-contestants of the Bigg Boss show and it looks like they are playing a safe game and challengers are no less than them. 

Recently, there is a speculation that Bigg Boss Non Stop makers might bring Monal Gajjar to the show for the views and content. Rumours broke out after the contestants in the house teased Akhil by taking Monal's name. Anyway, Monal and Akhil are the most controversial couple of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. It is worth mentioning that season 4 got high TRP rating for their chemistry. Akhil, Abhijeet, and Monal triangle chemistry grabbed the viewers' attention. So we can say that Bigg Boss Non Stop makers might plan for Monal's entry if they get low viewership for the show.

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