Meet Most Irritating Contestant In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

24 Nov, 2022 11:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 contestants are grabbing the attention of the audience, and they are giving controversial content to the show. The audience is changing their opinion of the contestants as per their performance and behavior in the tasks. Currently, courtroom drama tasks in running and contestants are proving themselves to impress the Bigg Boss Tamil viewers. On the other hand, Amudhavanan's video peeping into the ladies bathroom is going rounds on social media platforms. Netizens troll and slam him for his behavior. Bigg Boss called Amudhavanan and warned him for his behavior. Then he gets shocked and runs away from the place. Later, Shivin comes out of the next half. Shivin doesn't know what happened and looks at Amudavanan. Anyway, Amudhavanan is getting negative comments, and people have decided to eliminate him this week as he is in the nomination list for seventh-week elimination. 

Meanwhile, it seems like Bigg Boss Tamil viewers are fed up with Azeem's drama and fights in the house. Azeem is in the headlines from day one of the show started for his controversial fights with other contestants. The Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 host warned Azeem to behave in the tasks during the weekend episodes. Well, in the meantime, Azeem is getting massive support from the audience, and he is the first contestant to get saved from the elimination process every week with the highest voting percentage. A section of the audience are surprised that who is voting for him because he was speculated to get an exit pass from the show in the first week itself. So most of the viewers say that Azeem is the most irritating contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. Comment your opinion on it. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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