Manchu Vishnu Comments on MAA Elections, Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi

28 Sep, 2021 15:59 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Actor Manchu Vishnu on Monday made interesting remarks on senior actors Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan and the upcoming MAA elections. Vishnu is contesting for the president post for the Movie Artists Association (MAA) filed his nomination papers today along with his panel members.

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Speaking to the media after filing his nomination papers, Vishnu stated that he did not agree with Pawan Kalyan’s remarks and that his father Manchu Mohan Babu would respond to his remarks. At this juncture, Manchu Vishnu suggested that political parties should not interfere in the MAA elections. Speaking further the actor expressed confidence that his team would win the MAA Elections 2021.

Vishnu said that they would release the panel manifesto within two days. Speaking further he stated that after going through their manifesto Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan would also vote for them, Vishnu beamed.

There is no film industry without producers he said and that this was a struggle for self-respect by every Telugu actor. He clearly stated that he was on the side of the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce and asked as to whose side actor Prakash Raj was on. Vishnu demanded that Prakash Raj should clarify as to whose side he was on - the film industry or Pawan Kalyan.

Manchu Vishnu filed his nomination on Tuesday as the Presidential Candidate of the Movie Artists Association (MAA). 

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The other contenders Prakash Raj and CVL Narasimha Rao filed their nominations on Monday

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