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27 Sep, 2022 18:31 IST|Sakshi Post
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Madhuri Dixit-Nene will soon be seen playing the role of a typical middle-class mother of two kids in Maja Ma. It is the first Indian original film of Amazon Prime Video and will start streaming on October 6. Directed by Anand Tiwari, it also stars Gajraj Rao as her husband. The Free Press Journal caught up with the actress for a chat. Excerpts:

How much could you relate to your character?

I am a wife and a mother so I could relate to it. Yes, my elder son is in college and the other one is just getting ready for college. I know while children are small, their problems are very small. But no sooner do they grow, their problem turns out to be big. I could relate with the character in totality.

How was it working with Anand?

He is himself a good actor. It’s fun watching him direct us for a scene. I had seen his work in Bandish Bandits. He narrates a scene with depth.

India celebrates a bouquet of festivals. What festivities stand for you?

Yes, we are a country of innumerable festive celebrations. When friends, family, and everybody come together, they want to have a good time. Good sweets and food are relished. Basically, people come together to enjoy and get to know each other better. At times you do have differences of opinion but it’s fine. We are all like one family. We all share our laughter and so many things during festivities. It’s a great time for all families.

Any festive moments during your lifetime you would like to share?

My favourite festival is Ganesh Chaturthi. We all made modak. My aaji would make us wear kashta and she would teach us to do that. I do try to make it even now and follow what my grandmother had taught me but now, I am slightly lazy.

You were very busy during the 1990s. Did you miss the festivals then?

Yes, I did miss so many festivals owing to my shooting schedules.

Do you carry your character home?

I don’t carry my character home, but I carry the mood. Like if I have played a sad and emotional role, my kids ask what happened and then that mood is lifted. But you manage.

What are the negative and positive perks of being an actor?

The loss of privacy is no more seen, which is bound to happen. But we also put our minute-to-minute updates on social media nowadays. I feel I have seen a glass half full so I always thought that being an actor has a more positive side.

How do you ignore the negative side?

My mother has taught us to be true to what you do. Yes, you need to do it sincerely so nothing should matter to you let anyone say anything. Your intentions need to be true. So it doesn’t matter what people may say as kuch toh log kahenge.

Do you believe in perfection?

Perfection is an illusion. There is nothing as perfection. I like to do my best.

Does it mean to say you don’t care for the perfect ‘airport look’?

(Laughs) Nowadays, I have to take care of my airport look as the paps are always hovering over that area. Whenever you go anywhere, you find them. You have to be decently dressed at least. 

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