MAA Elections 2021: Prakash Raj Seeks CCTV Footage

14 Oct, 2021 16:08 IST|Sakshi Post

MAA Elections 2021: The MAA Elections controversy continues to get murky by the day after the MAA elections were held on October 10 with a series of events where both the contestants traded allegations against each other.WIth Manchu Vishnu panel winning, Prakash Raj and his CineMAA Biddalu panel are crying foul over the alleged irregularities and discrepancies in the counting of votes on that day.

After his elected panel members resigned from their posts on Wednesday, citing incompatibility as the reason, on Friday Prakash Raj took to Twitter addressing a letter to the MAA elections officer Krishnamohan, seeking CCTV footage on the day of the elections.

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In his letter, Prakash Raj writes, "You were witnesses to many unfortunate events that happened in just concluded MAA elections. The tempers were high and we saw unruly, anti-social behaviour of DRC member Sri Mohan babu and ex-president Sri Naresh. They abused, threatened and physically attacked members of MAA. I assume You used your discretionary powers to allow them and their henchmen in the polling arena.

Some of the visuals were leaked to media and it had a field day. MAA elections and later incidents made us laughing stock in the eyes of the public. There is disgust about behaviour of some known faces. Even MAA members wanted to know the truth about these reports. 

During your briefings- you talked about CC cameras usage during the polling. I am sure they recorded everything. So I request you to give us CCTV footage. It is our democratic right to get all the relevant information related to polls. As a polling officer, it is your duty to preserve all the records at least for three months. Numerous supreme court judgements also mandated the polling officers to preserve the records. 

So I request you to give us CC footage earliest possible. Unless you act immediately- I fear the footage will be deleted or tampered with. Please acknowledge the letter," he wrote and shared the same on his Twitter handle with his popular hashtag just asking.

A response from the Polling officer is awaited.

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Meanwhile, MAA president-elect Manchu Vishnu has moved on from the whole fiasco and assumed charge as the new president of MAA and met actor Nandamuri Balakrishna at his residence today to seek his blessings. He told the media persons waiting outside that he had only met Balakrishna to seek his blessings. "I will be sworn in as MAA President on the 16th of this month in the presence of Panel Election Officer. After that, we will discuss with him and decide on the resignations. I will go ahead with positivity and include all the seniors in the industry he said.

Manchu Vishnu also tweeted his meeting with Balakrishna whom he had met along with his father M Mohan Babu. "Thank you to Bala anna for his support. Met and expressed my gratitude. He also assured that he will always be there for MAA and advised me to concentrate on bringing the MAA family together; which is my agenda right now," he tweeted.

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