Bandla Ganesh Bids Goodbye To Prakash Raj, To Contest Independently

5 Sep, 2021 17:09 IST|Sakshi Post
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MAA Elections 2021-Bandla Ganesh To Contest As General Secretary|  HYDERABAD: In a rather unexpected development ahead of the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections, actor /producer  Bandla Ganesh announced that he was quitting from the Prakash Raj panel and would not be able to continue as the panel's spokesperson citing personal reasons.

It seems that he was against bringing Jeevitha Rajasekhar into the panel as the contestant for the General Secretary. The news of Hema and Jeevitha Rajasekhar joining Prakash Raj's panel itself was a shocker to many after they decided not to contest in the MAA presidential fray. Bandla Ganesh announced that he would be contesting  independently for the upcoming MAA Elections as General Secretary.

Check out Prakash Raj's revised MAA Panel Members.

Surprisingly his name did not figure in the list of executive members or in the prime posts of General Secretary or Joint Secretary posts.

To this effect, he released a series of tweets after moving on from Prakash Raj’s team on his official Twitter account.

In his usual style, Bandla Ganesh stated that he believed in his conscience and would not pay heed to anyone and he believed in trust and working for those who had trust in him. "I will contest in the upcoming MAA elections as the General Secretary as an independent candidate," he tweeted. The actor further promised that he would ensure that all the poor artists are given double bedroom houses." If needed I will fight for them, no one is ready to believe those who were in position who did nothing for the past two years," he wrote while taking a dig at the Naresh- panel which was in charge of the MAA affairs till recently.

" We have been cheated in the name of internal fights and enough is enough, this should not happen further. I need your blessings and let's make the MAA association a strong body and make the dreams of the poor artists owning their own homes a dream," he stated in his agenda for the upcoming MAA elections, which will be held on 10th October.

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