MAA Elections 2021: RX 100 Ajay Bhupathi Cryptic Tweet On Tollywood Siding ?

8 Oct, 2021 11:29 IST|Sakshi Post
Ajay Bhupathi

MAA Elections 2021| Maha Samudram Director Ajay Bhupathi Cryptic Tweet On Tollywood Director:  The stakes for the Movie Artists Associations (MAA) Elections for the year 2021 have gone up with both Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu panels vying for the  coveted posts in the new Executive body.

Even as both the panelists are trading barbs and accusing each other of trying to influence the voters through bribes and pitching in the ‘outsider’ tag, this time the MAA Elections will surely be a fiercely fought contest. With only two days left for the elections, Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu panel members have stepped up their game and have been busy campaigning.

In this context, on October 6th  RX100 fame director Ajay Bhupathi made a cryptic tweet on how the Tollywood fraternity takes sides.  "I will write characters only for those who support a panel that I like." And in brackets, he wrote, "and this was told to me just now by a director, he wrote without revealing any name and added the MAA elections hashtag.

Check out his tweet here:

In another tweet he stated that looking at this thriller episode, I also feel like acting in two or three movies, take the MAA artists membership card and then contest for the MAA presidency post. Whatever it may be after the MAA Elections, our Maha Samudram will release on the 14th. All of you should watch the film in the theatres only," he urged.

Both the posts which were noticed later went viral in no time, with netizens trying to figure out who that director was and who the Maha Samudram director was trying to target. On Thursday evening Manchu Vishnu announced his panel's manifesto and released a four-page document about the schemes he proposes to implement if he won the contest.

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