MAA Elections 2021: Megastar-Backed Prakash Raj Panel Announced

24 Jun, 2021 16:15 IST|Sakshi Post
Prakash Raj

MAA Elections 2021: Prakash Raj Panel Announced: The elections for the prestigious Movie Artist Association (MAA)  meant for the welfare of the Tollywood artists, which is slated to happen in the month of September have picked up pace with a senior actor Prakash Raj announcing his set of team members for the MAA Panel.

As the term of Naresh, the current President coming to an end has caused a flurry of activity among the Tollywood circles about who would contest the MAA elections.

Senior actor Prakash Raj, Manchu Mohan Babu's son hero Manchu Vishnu and Jeevitha Rajasekhar, and senior character artist Hema are already in the fray for the 'Maa' presidential election.

The details of the members of the Prakash Raj’s Panel were announced with a total of 27 people from the Telugu Industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Prakash Raj said, "We are announcing our panel members for the forthcoming MAA elections. For the sake of our well-being, and for putting forth constructive ideas into practice for the welfare of the artists." The Prakash Raj panel includes senior actress Jaya Sudha, hero Srikanth, anchor Anasuya, producer Bandla Ganesh, Sudigali Sudhir, and others.

These are the members of the Prakash Raj Panel:

1. Prakash Raj

2. ‌‌‌‌‌‌Jaya Sudha

3. Srikanth‌

4. Banerjee

5. Saikumar‌

6. Tanish‌

7. Prgathi

8. Anasuya

9. Sana

10. Anita Chaudhary

11. Sudha

12. Ajay

13. Nagineedu

14. Brahmaji

15. Raviprakash

16. Sameer

17. Uttej

18. Bandla Ganesh

19. Yedida Sriram

20. Shivareddy

21. Bhopal‌

22. Tarzan‌

23. Suresh Kondeti

24. Khayyum

25. Sudagali Sudhir

26. Govinda Rao

27. Sridhar Rao

Prakash Raj seems to have the backing of the Megastar Chiranjeevi and the Mega team which is quite crucial for any contender in the MAA Elections.

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The actor who is quite active in the ‘Twitter political circles’ is known to raise controversial questions under the tag  'just asking'. He was quite vocal about Pawan Kalyan in the recent by-elections. But now that has changed after his recent statements during the promotions of the Vakeel Saab in which he had acted alongside  Power Star,  that what was said earlier were 'only political, ideological differences'!

Mega brother Nagababu, who once raised objections at Prakash Raj's criticisms, is now openly supporting Prakash Raj's candidature. In fact, Prakash Raj had earlier sought Chiranjeevi's support before entering the elections is what reports say.  With the change of equations, the signals are clear as to where the ‘Mega Support’ is heading.

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