Australian Car Racer Renee Gracie Turns Adult Film Star

11 Jun, 2020 12:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Former Australian V8 Supercars racer Renee Gracie has quit driving and switched her career to the adult industry in order to overcome a personal financial crisis. Renee was the first full-time female Supercar racer and she has spent 14 years of time in racing. However, she could not pursue her career in motorsport due to some financial problems.

Speaking to a website, Gracie admitted that she was not good at racing and has decided to end her career. She further added that her father and other family members supported her decision of entering the adult film industry. She said that her change in the profession didn't change her as a person and it is just that she is doing a new business.

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After quitting racing, Renee worked at a local car yard and later decided to switch to the adult film industry. She said that she was quite happy with her decision and is in a better financial position now. She also reported that she is earning around $25,000 every week as an adult movie star.

Gracie said that during her first week, she could earn up to $3,000 as an adult star with more than 7,000 subscribers on her website. She also stated that her monthly earnings increased from $64,750 to $90,650. She further revealed that she has a 30-year housing loan and now she has completed it in just 12 months. Gracie said that her father is proud of what she is now, due to their financial position. Gracie's father advised people to look at her success but not at what she is doing.

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