Janaki Kalaganaledu Spoiler Alert Today’s Episode April 16: Yogi Blackmails Jaanu

16 Apr, 2021 11:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Jnanamba scolds Mallika and Vishnu for bringing an alliance with the girl who is handicapped. Jnanamba’s husband suggests that she agree with Jaanu’s brother and fixing the marriage.

Meanwhile, Yogi phones his colleagues and calls them for a send-off party. Urmila gets angry at Yogi’s behaviour towards Janaki’s marriage. Urmila decides to stay with Jaanu and asks Yogi to leave for America. But she falls ill and the doctor comes to check Urmila

Jnanamba brings Rama outside to discuss about his marriage. He explains the kindness of Janaki. But he tells Jnanamba’s consent is more important to him. Jnanamba feels happy for Rama and she agrees to the wedding.

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The doctor confirms that Urmila is pregnant. Everyone feels happy except Yogi. He feels that because of Janaki there is no happiness in his life. Janaki, after learning the truth, tells Yogi about her stern decision that she will not leave her ambition to become an IAS. 

Yogi blackmails Janaki saying he will divorce Urmila if She does not agree to marry Rama. What will Janaki decide is to be watched in the next episode.

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