Jahnvi Kapoor Remains Undeterred By Trolls

25 Aug, 2020 14:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Jahnvi Kapoor debuted in films as the daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, two big names in Indian Cinema. Sridevi in particular has become a legend of Indian Cinema with her beauty and great acting skills. 

As expected, Jahnvi Kapoor had to face brutal criticism from people who saw her first film, Dhadak and she remembers the hurtful comments that pushed her into depression. 

She said, "I knew people would be harsh on me and quick to judge me, as well. I thought I was prepared but when I read comments like "she is as expressionless as wood", I couldn't handle the brutality. I cried and wanted my mother to be on my side." 

Remembering more about those moments, she said, "I wanted to not take offence about someone else's opinion but when you read a comment like Sridevi would have been embarrassed by her, you can't really find the gut to face them all."

She revealed that she took courage from her mother as she was an absolute fighter and then approached Gunjan Saxena with undeterred confidence. When she read some reviews praising her performance, she felt happy thinking back to those highly hurtful moments, early in her career. She did not talk about her next films, yet. 

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