Indian Idol 12: Abhijeet Sawant Slams Reality Show for Exposing Contestants' Poverty for TRPs

23 May, 2021 13:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Reality shows can be tricky as the audience are always wary of what is being shown to them. It is known that these shows like to play on human emotions and that is why they show the background stories of the contestants to build that connection. This strategy seems to be in full force with the latest season of Indian Idol.

Indian Idol 12 has been going good. People are enjoying watching the show and many are liking the contestants this season. But what comes as a shock is the remarks made by season one’s winner, Abhijeet Sawant. The singer shared that he is disappointed with the number of fake love stories that is being shown. Not just that he also shared that, the background stories of the contestant are also highlighted.

Singing is there but the focus here is given to love stories and emotional family background stories. When you check out the regional reality shows, there will not be much drama and attention to the family background, but in the Hindi version of it, the emotional storyline of the contestant is paid a lot of attention to, said Sawant.

Recalling what once happened with him, Sawant said that in one of the season one’s episode, he forgot the lyrics of the song and blanked. He was not able to sing but the judges motivated him to give it another try. Now if something like this happens in the current season, that scene would be used multiple times to stir that emotional dramatic feeling.

This is not the first time that someone has criticized Indian Idol. Earlier during the Kishore Kumar special, the show and the episode received a lot of backlashes. Many including Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar said that the episode was not at all good and was bad on many levels. Amit confessed that he wanted to stop it but unfortunately, he couldn’t.

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