India Might Host The Bangtan Boys Concert For First Time in 2022

1 Mar, 2022 09:08 IST|L Manisha

Hey, Desi ARMY fans.. here is some important news for you which will surely make you go crazy. By now you must have heard the news, right? Well for the unversed, here's a bit of interesting news. According to a recent report,  there is a high likelihood of K-pop sensation BTS visiting India. If all goes well, then India could be hosting the Bangtan concert for the first time. After announcing concerts in Seoul and Los Angeles, the septet has hinted at a World tour in 2022. Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and many other countries figure on the list. 

In an interview with Sakshma Shrivastava, and their label, Big Hit, verified the news that BTS expressed their wish to visit India as soon as the pandemic is over.  According to the sources in the K-pop industry, the famous K-pop band BTS would visit India very soon this year as part of its next round of global tour after the Coronavirus outbreak is over. 

The curbs after coronavirus pandemic have been lifted in several regions of the world, including India, making it simpler for performers to schedule their next performances. According to speculations, the band will perform in eight European cities, ten Asian cities, eleven US cities, three Canadian cities, two Latin American cities, and one Australian city.  

According to press reports, the Hybe labels have chosen Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Anyway should wait for the official announcement. If the rumours are believed OT7 (RM, JIN, SUGA, HOBI, JIMIN, TAEHYUNG, & Jungkook) will perform live.

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