How Much Does Salman Khan Charge To Host Each Episode Of Bigg Boss?

1 Dec, 2020 11:03 IST|Sakshi Post

With Bigg Boss Season 14 currently airing, it has made quite a buzz. The contestants are talk of the town. But one thing Bigg Boss cannot go without is Salman Khan. He has become the face of the show. Khan has been hosting this reality TV show since Season 4. Now with Season 14, he will be returning to the show for 11th time.

With a big superstar comes a big fee. Bringing back Salman Khan for every Bigg Boss season will need some higher pay as well. For Bigg boss 14 again Khan’s fee has become a hot topic. Talking about his pay for the current season, Salman shared that he has offered a pay cut this time. Due to the pandemic, things are pretty difficult for everyone. Salman shared that when such shows are produced and aired, it gives employment to a lot of people. The staff will be able to take back home some amount of money. Even Salman himself has agreed to a pay cut this season.

But the rumors are mentioning that this year, Salman Khan’s per episode fees like 14 crores. The fees kept increasing every year. It was reported that his fees was Rs 2.5 per episode in Season 4. That amount went up to 5 crore by season 7 and now in Season 14, it is 14 crore per episode. Raj Nayak, CEO of Colors said that big actors do not come in cheap. It can mean that the rumors can also be true. 

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