Hindi Bigg Boss Season 15: Contestants Create Controversies To Enter Reality Show, Says Arshi Khan

12 Jun, 2021 10:42 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 14 fame Arshi Khan has raised some serious doubts. The actress feels that many times celebrities create controversies and drama to be eligible for Bigg Boss participation. She says people have this notion that they will be noticed by the show makers and the audience when they are part of some controversy.

There is a notion, misconception among celebrities that if they will engage in some dirty controversies and drama, they will be able to enter the Bigg Boss house easily, that their participation is confirmed, shared Khan. She further added that, if you notice, the controversies regarding a celebrity will suddenly increase during these months. When the new season is near and the possibility of entry into the show is there, rumours about the celebrities will increase.

It could be divorce news or a breakup or some other family drama. Sometimes there are also rape allegations, assault, etc. It is surprising seeing people commit such acts to be in the limelight.

The actor further shared that you can do all these things, but the viewers are not going to fall for it. The audience is intelligent. They know what the deal is and can sense such things. Viewers can recognize the person and their personality. You cannot play with the audience.

When you enter the Bigg Boss house, it can be either a hit or a miss. Sometimes the audience will remember you; they will refer to you as the ‘one who participated in Bigg Boss.’ But it can also lead to nothing. Some contestants participated in the show but they didn’t end up well. If you try to cheat the audience, you will be caught. This show comes only once n your life, acting cunningly is not going to help you. Viewers will see right through the act.  

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