Here's Why Amazon Prime Video is Losing Subscribers in India

9 Jun, 2022 15:26 IST|L Manisha

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most watched OTT platforms across the world. All  these days, people preferred Amazon Prime over any other OTT platform because of its affordability. Memberships for Amazon Prime costs much lower than Netflix. Hence, Amazon Prime was much in demand and the subscriber base too increased. Even Amazon Prime official wooed subscribers with lucrative offers and plans. But of late, it appears Amazon Prime has lost its viewers and no one is showing interest in buying Prime despite their offers. 

According to an analysis, most people are shifting to Netflix from Prime. also, Prime subscribers are upset with amazon and are canceling their subscriptions. One of the reasons why Amazon is losing subscribers is that they are paying rent for premiere movies even though they have an Amazon Prime Membership. 

Netizens are rating and venting out their frustration against the OTT giant on social media saying that charging extra rent from subscribers for a newly released movie was unfair. Netizens termed it looting in daylight for profits. They also said that people don't watch new releases in theatres because they can watch them on OTT for free because they have a membership. They are asking Amazon if they want membership subscribers to pay rent, then why did they increase the prime membership price. 

On top of that, these days Amazon doesn't have any interesting stuff to watch. Frustrated Amazon Prime subscribers are trending #AmazonPrimeMembership on Twitter and slamming Amazon directors.  A few of them complained about Amazon product delivery time also. As we all know, if we are on Amazon Prime, our order delivery reaches within a day or 48 hours, even Amazon promised the same. Netizens are complaining that, though they are subscribers, the delivery is delayed. 

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