Here Is Why Tina Datta Eliminated From Bigg Boss 16

9 Dec, 2022 09:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 16 makers and contestants welcomed eliminated contestant Sreejita De as a wild card entry. Sreejita's entry into the house brought Tina Datta to tears. Sreejita gave a reality check to the contestants over their game. Sreejita told Nimrit about Tina's conversation behind her back. Later Sreejita warns Shalin that Tina will ditch him after stepping out from the show and tells her that she using him for game sake. Tina gets an emotional breakdown after her fight with Soundarya. Tina requests Bigg Boss to evict her from the show. She also discusses with MC Stan that she doesn't want to stay in BB16 house while MC Stan also shares his grief that he also wants to leave the show. 

Bigg Boss 16 contestants have completed ten weeks and are entering the eleventh week. The contestants who are on the nomination list for the tenth-week elimination process are MC Stan, Tina Datta, Nimrit Kaur, and Sumbul Khan. The sources say that Tina Datta is eliminated from the show. Meanwhile, Salman Khan offers MC Stan a voluntary exit but refuses to evict him from the show. Well, the reason for Tina Datta's elimination may be Sreejita exposing her to the contestants after entering the BB16 house via the wild card. On the other hand, Tina got negative talk because she maintained an unstable relationship with Shalin. So what is your reason for Tina Datta Elimination? Comment below.

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