Hate is Different From Healthy Criticism: Antil Yadav

21 Jun, 2022 17:31 IST|Sakshi Post


Antil Yadav is a content creator who managed to amass a great following on social media with his videos. He is super famous for hosting ‘Ok Tested’ on YouTube where the creators test, try, and experiment with various things. About three months ago Antil Yadav quit ‘Ok Tested’ citing differences between the company and himself. He recently started his own Youtube channel called ‘Antil Vlogs’. Here’s the full interview. 

1. How did your interest in being a radio jockey bloom?

Growing up, I was very much fascinated by Radio. There were two things RJs used to do - playing music and talking. Both of them were my favourite. Listening to RJs on the radio, I also dreamt of becoming an RJ.  I am very grateful that I got the chance to live my dream and lead the life I wanted. It is an unparalleled feeling to speak live on air with millions of people tuned in.

2. They call you the "contentprenuer" what was your journey behind becoming one?

Over the years, I’ve been creating content for various platforms like Radio, Instagram & Youtube. This helped me in building a community that resonates with me and my personality. This community not only helps me in growing as a content creator but also brings me to the forefront of branded collaborations. 

3. Building content is not as easy as it looks. What is it like to be someone who generates content that entertains millions around the globe?

I have heard many people say that anyone can create content. However, content creators would agree that this is too far from reality. I feel blessed to be able to produce quality content and get the love from my audience. A lot of hard work goes into imagination, writing, structuring, editing, and finally showing it to the world. The journey comes with its own set of challenges, but if this is what you want to do, then nothing else matters more.

4. What are some of the tips you would want to give to budding content creators?

The key to win hearts and being a good artist is to be authentic. Keep creating your art, and you will indeed find people who resonate with you and your content. 

Also, as being on social media is like showbiz these days, it also comes with many responsibilities. You should definitely try to use it well. If you are new to the space and not seeing any results, remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Be consistent with your work, and you will reap the fruits of success.

5. What is your secret behind your follower growth?

As I shared the tricks with you in the answer above, I learnt all this while starting up too. I produce authentic content, and I stay consistent with what I do. This has helped me in building a connection with my audience and adding more people to my community.

6. Being a social media influencer, how do you get past the hate?

Honestly, I am blessed with the kind of people I am surrounded with. It is imperative to understand that hate is different from healthy criticism. I have a very supportive audience that gives feedback rather than trolling. Over the years, I've understood the difference between criticism and trolling which helps me in ignoring the trolls and making myself better with the feedback. 

7. What is your one big fear as a social media influencer?

The biggest fear is not being able to be consistent. Every creator dons multiple hats to bring out the best content, and sometimes the responsibility can push timelines. This, in return, affects productivity and engagement with the audience.

8. With immense competition in the social media industry, how do you manage to survive?

Whenever there is a new career possibility, we see people heading towards it and trying to build a career around it. Social media content creation is no different. Since the time it has come into the limelight, people have been trying to explore this space more. Indeed, there is immense competition, but I also feel that many opportunities are available too. In an ocean full of opportunities and scope, you only need to find your niche and audience.

9. What is one thing you do not like about social media?

I feel that since social media is so vast and open, people use it spuriously. There is a lack of accountability for things that certain people say on social media. This is something that I do not like. Indeed, it is an open platform, and people are entitled to their opinions, but sometimes these people unknowingly influence others and cause harm.

10. How one can flourish using influencer marketing & brand collaboration?

Influencer marketing is in a phase where each brand tries to reach out to its specific target groups. By using this, you can get the reach you desire. Just ensuring you keep building your authentic niche would be the first and most important step for it.

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