Is Gangavva On The Way Out Of BB4 Telugu House?

9 Oct, 2020 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is winning the hearts of the Telugu audiences and the fans of the show are going gaga over it. The small screen audiences are loving the show. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 has been creating all the right noises, as expected and the proof of it comes from the impressive TRPs the show is garnering. In last night's episode, Sohel became the new captain of the house. Three contestants Sohel, Avinash and Akhil have competed in the captaincy task.

Now, the latest buzz on social media is that Gangavva is going to step out of the house. Speculations are doing the rounds that the grand old lady is going to walk out of the show anytime from now. It is all known knowledge that Gangavva is feeling clastrophobic as she was unable to adjust to the confined space of the BB house. As some one who comes from a vastly free rural locales, she is at times feeling bottled-up in the Bigg Boss house. Earlier, Gangavva has requested Bigg Boss to let her leave the house.

In last night's episode as well, Gangavva told Akhil that she wants to go back to her village soon. We think that most of the folks will be disappointed if Gangavva exits the show so abruptly given the fact that she is one of the show-stoppers in the house. There were reports earlier too suggesting that Gagavva's stay in the house was planned only for four to five weeks, considering her age and other issues. But many discounted this theory as a mere figment of imagination. As we all know, nothing is officially confirmed by the organisers and everything becomes evident only as part of the show. So, let's wait and see if the Bigg Boss house is destined for this speculated twist involving Gangavva.

The elimination of a contestant from the Bigg Boss house follows the nomination process. Contestant are nominated on Monday and he or she will be eventually evicted from the house based on the votes the nominated contestants receive from the audiences. Gangavva was nominated in the first week of Bigg Boss but the show buffs saved her wanting to see more of her in the house. In that week, social media reports claimed that Gangavva received the highest number of votes. After that, Gangavva has not been nominated.

Interestingly, despite her issues with adjusting to the Bigg Boss house environment, Gangavva is clearly seen playing the game very cleverly. Against this backdrop, it would be interesting to see whether Bigg Boss would pay heed to her request to leave the house or persuade her to stay back and keep playing the game well. Don't be surprised if show host Nagarjuna once again raises the topic this weekend and tries to lift Gangavva's spirits to stay on. After all, viewer engagement is what matters for the show.

Now, coming to nominations for this week, Akhil, Noel, Abhijeet, Sohel, Amma Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha, and Ariyana have been in the firing line. Reports suggest Sujatha will really have to battle hard to escape eviction this time. Some netizens have already made their prophecies claiming that she is the one who will eventually step out of the house this weekend. Let us wait for the weekend episode.

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