Bigg Boss Telugu 4: No Twists Only Sunday Fun!

5 Oct, 2020 09:36 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is getting better and better in delivering simple and fun episodes to the liking of common audiences. The show runners did get some slack for stating that there could be a twist this Sunday. 

People thought there will be a double elimination on Sunday but the episode tried to deliver entertainment with funny tasks. So, few people showed their disappointment with aggressive words, on social media. 

But many loved the funny task of "Gender swap" and Avinash, Gangavva got huge applause for being sportive. Divi looked effortless and others too tried their best. 

Nagarjuna with his one-liners kept the things light and ran the episode smoothly. His skills in delivering on the promised fun as a host got more applause for this Sunday episode. 

Season 4 seems to have earned a settled applause from the audiences and good fanbase for different contestants that will help it gain good TRPs over other shows without any problem.

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