First Look: Viraj Reddy's Debut Guard 2020

8 May, 2022 14:59 IST|Sakshi Post

Guard 2020, a film helmed by Jaga Peddi, is the launch pad of first-time actor Viraj Reddy Cheelam. Produced by Anasuya Reddy, the entire film has been shot in picturesque locations abroad. Being made on a lavish budget, the thriller was completely filmed in Melbourne with several top-notch technicians from Hollywood. The film, which promises to have several riveting twists and turns, will not only release in multiple Indian languages but also English and Chinese, the makers say.

Cinematographed by Mark Kenfield, the film is reportedly high on technical standards, VFX and will have quality visuals complementing the narrative. Stunt director Puven Pather has choreographed a flurry of jaw-dropping action sequences for Guard 2020. Shay Shalit, the VFX supervisor has utilised the best available technology in the market to enhance the impact of the visuals to make the proceedings look as realistic as possible, the producers add. 

Prominent technician Garry BH, who's soon turning a director for Nikhil Siddhartha's next, is the editor of Guard 2020. The thriller will have a slick, engaging narrative that'll have audiences craving for more, the makers share. The first look of Viraj Reddy from the film, launched earlier today, has garnered impressive responses from movie buffs. The fact that he was introduced as a 'son of a farmer in the poster has created curiosity.

The film has elements that would entertain audiences across all age groups, the director and the producer added. Jaga Peddi, the director, has left no stone unturned to ensure a fulfilling, satiating action thriller for viewers and is confident of its result at the box office. Guard 2020's release date is yet to be announced. As of now, the film will release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English and Chinese languages.

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