F3 Collections in AP, Telangana: Check AP, TS Shares on First Day

28 May, 2022 13:08 IST|L Manisha

Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej’s hilarious family entertainer F3 directed by Anil Ravipudi hit the screens on Friday to unanimous positive talk from everywhere. This was clearly witnessed in the box office numbers of the movie on first day. Housefull boards are seen everywhere, particularly the footfalls are massive for first and second shows. This usually happens for a film that receives positive talk, after its release.

Expectations were quite high on F3, since the promotional content was highly entertaining and it is the franchise of the blockbuster F2. The film exceeded all the prospects and did strong business on day one. It amassed Rs 10.26 Cr share on first day.

F3 grossed over half million in USA on its first day including premieres on Thursday. The film is likely to cross million-dollar mark by the end of its first weekend itself.

F3 has repeat value, thus the movie will rake big numbers in next few days, wherein bookings are outstanding for Saturday and Sunday.

F3 First Day AP/TS Share:

Nizam 4.06 Cr
UA 1.18 Cr
Guntur 88 L
Nellore 62 L
East 76 L
West 94 L
Krishna 67 L
Ceded - 1.26 Cr
Total 1st Day AP/TS share : 10.37Cr

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