This Contestant Is Confident And Straight Forward In Bigg Boss House!

10 Nov, 2020 15:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Very soon, we are going to see the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 which is one of the most controversial reality shows on the small screen. The show is in its 10th week and the nomination process took place on Monday. Six contestants  Ariyana, Abhijeet, Harika, Monal, Mehaboob and Sohail are in the nominations for this week.

In the nomination process, the housemates have to break a sugar bottle on the head of the two contestants whom they want to nominate. We all know that Avinash is safe from the nominations this week.  Now coming to the one who has been nominated by more number of people in the house is none other than Ariyana. In the previous episodes, most of the contestants called her 'Dictator Captain' and they were irritated with the behaviour of Ariyana. In Monday's episode,  heated arguments took place between the contestants in the house.  Ariyana nominated Monal and she said that "I genuinely feel that Monal is fake." After this monal asks Ariyana, "Do you hold any grudge on me?" Rumours are doing rounds that either Ariyana or Mehaboob will be eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss. Some sections of the audience are supporting Ariyana and are saying that she is being nominated by many but still she is giving her answers without getting hurt. Some are saying that she is one of the most confident and is a straight forward person . While few others are trolling her for her 'Self Dabba'. Here are a few tweets.

In Monday's episode, Akhil nominated Abhijeet and Ariyana, Sohail nominated Ariyana and Abhijeet, Harika nominated Ariyana and Mehaboob, Ariyana nominated Monal and Sohail, Abhijeet nominated Ariyana and Sohail, Mukku Avinash nominated Harika and Monal, Mehaboob nominated Harika and Ariyana,  Sohail nominated Ariyana and Abhijeet and Lasya nominated Ariyana and Mehaboob.

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