Check Celebrities Reactions To US SC Decision On Abortion Ban

26 Jun, 2022 13:23 IST|Sakshi Post

The decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn its historic Roe v Wade abortion rights decision in its 50th year has been greeted with widespread criticism from American celebrities.

Celebrities all over the USA have now been the voices of women and have expressed outrage on the new laws. 
American singers, actors, and writers have started a protest against the new law and urging that the government should let the women lead their lives in the way they wanted. 

 "I'm absolutely terrified that this is where we are -- that after so many decades of people fighting for women`s rights to their own bodies, today`s decision has stripped us of that." – Taylor Swift.

"People will still get abortions. These procedures won`t stop just because Roe v. Wade is overturned. This will only prevent safe, legal abortions from taking place." – Padma Lakshmi (Cookery show chef)

“Watching a Constitutional right be stripped away is horrific. A woman should have the right to CHOOSE what she wants to do with her own body. End of story.” – Selena Gomez

Halle Berry expressed feeling outraged and said something needs to be done about it. “I’m outraged! What the Supreme Court has done is b***. Something has to be done! Guns have more rights than women. Stop this war on women and keep your laws off of our bodies. We have to ban together & NOT accept this! We can’t just post about it, we must DO SOMETHING about it (sic),” she tweeted.

Check out a few more tweets by famous celebrities about the US Abortion Ban:

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