ChaySam: Samantha's I Am Yours, You Are Mine Post Viral

7 Oct, 2021 13:35 IST|Sakshi Post
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If Naga Chaitanya and Samantha hadn’t announced their split on social media, they would probably be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary on Thursday this year.

Known as one of the most lovely and romantic couples in Tollywood, their love story goes back ten years on the sets of Yem Maya Chesave. Though they tried to hide their relationship, they finally tied the knot in both the Hindu and Christian traditions after seven years of seeing each other and the most important part - convincing the elders.

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Their wedding which was celebrated in a grand manner from October 6 to 7 in the year 2017  was a very happy moment for both the actors' fans and family members. Samantha looked lovely as the traditional Telugu bride and in her white gown in the Christian wedding, with  Naga Chaitanya looking dapper in a suit.

But much to the disappointment of their fans who were dreading the rumours of their split before the release of Love Story, in which Naga Chaitanya featured, they both announced their split at the same time on their social media handles after the release and success of the film. She shared that after much deliberation and thought, Chay and she have decided to part ways as husband and wife to pursue their own paths.

The Instagram post reads, "After much deliberation and thought Chay and I have decided to part ways as husband and wife to pursue our own paths. We are fortunate to have a friendship of over a decade that was the very core of our relationship which we believe will always hold a special bond between us. We request our fans, well-wishers, and the media to support us during this difficult time and give us the privacy we need to move on."

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The post led to a widespread outburst by netizens, fans, and well-wishers who were unable to believe the news about them getting a divorce. Even as we speak, both their fans still comment on their posts together wishing and asking them to get back.

In this context, Samantha’s Instagram post made a year ago on their third wedding anniversary is going viral once again. " You are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together. Happy anniversary husband Chay Akkineni," she posted with a heart emoji.

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Fans and netizens are posting messages in reply to this post as they still can't figure out the reason for them separating. What happened to the love and affection between the two of you which was there last year, one netizen asked. Most of them are asking as to what happened between both of them. Others were still wishing them a happy anniversary... while others are asking as to how they took such a tough decision so quickly.

Some fans hoped and strongly believed they both would reunite, while others stated that they- Chay and Sam had broken their hearts and it was most unfortunate that they split.

Apart from the fans agonizing over their split, speculations were rife as to why Chay and Sam were getting divorced. Whatever the reason may be which is best known to them, is something we can’t fathom. But Chay Sam’s journey which traversed a ten-year acquaintanceship, seven years of love, and three and half years of marital bliss, ended in a split marking the end of a love story…

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