Can You Guess The Price of Accessories Worn By BTS V For Vogue Korea Photoshoot?

27 Sep, 2022 17:13 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS V is known for his title World’s Most Handsome man. He has won the handsome man title year after year. 

Recently, Vogue Korea featured him on its cover for October. He had an amazing photo shoot for the cover. 

Army can't stop drooling over his swoon-worthy photos, not just because of his looks but also because of his matching accessories. 

But do you know how much his jewellery costs?

You will be shocked after knowing the total cost of his accessories. 

BTS V wore a ring, a bracelet, a chain and a watch manufactured by the brand, Cartier. 

The watch costs around $24,800, the ring costs around $10,900 and the bracelet costs around $27,000. 

The sum of his total accessories when converted is around 48 lakh rupees.

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