BTS V Spills The Beans on Bangtan Boys Reunion, Deets Inside

20 Sep, 2022 14:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Even after the hiatus, BTS members let down their fans. They ensure to keep them entertained with their social media posts and live chat shows. It's a hiatus from group works, but not solo projects and for the BTS ARMY as well. 

After the hiatus, J-Hope was the first one to release his solo album and also performed solo at lollapalooza. And you must know that all the other members are busy with their solo projects. A few BTS members even went abroad for their recordings.

Even with their busy schedules, not a day goes by without at least one member cheering up their fellow band members. Whenever there is news, all the members take to Instagram and post about it to show their support for other members. These gestures go on to show how much they care about each other.

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea for the October cover, BTS V talked about their bonding. When the singer was asked “In what ways do the member's exchange support and strength,” and their individual works. The idol replied, “We support each other so much. Recently, at Suga hyung's house, we had a time to listen to all the individual songs each member made.”

He added that “it wasn’t even a ‘good, good’ riot when someone danced. It's nice to see the members preparing music of their own colour like this because they are so passionate and actively making music and love each other.”

BTS ARMY is so happy to hear the words from Taehyung and fans are shedding happy tears after hearing the love BTS members have for each other.

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