BTS V Follows RM, Jungkook and Hobi: Gets 7 Tattoo On Forearm

19 Jun, 2022 15:58 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS singer Kim Taehyung aka V got his new tattoo.
As the members revealed during the BTSFESTA 2022 dinner, all the band members are planning to get a friendship tattoo, to celebrate their bond. The tattoo turned out to be Number 7, which means the bangtan boys are seven in number. 
Starting with BTS leader RM, the bangtan boys started posting their tattoos. RM got his tattoo on the lower part of his leg. Golden Hyung J-Hope inked it on the backside of his ankle. Golden Maknae Jungkook got it on his neck (backside of the ear). 
As V said earlier in a live session with the BTS ARMY, he will go along with Jungkook to get a tattoo. He was accompanied by Jungkook when he went for a tattoo. V inked it on his forearm. So, the tattoo is not just the number 7, but also his stage name V. And posted it on his Instagram story.

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