BTS Member Jin Also Inks Friendship Tattoo

26 Jun, 2022 15:47 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS stated during their BTSFESTA 2022 dinner that they are planning to get their friendship tattoo etched and true to their words all the members have started getting their tattoos done. Starting with BTS leader RM, the septet got their tattoos.

All of them got tattoos in private places on their bodies so that it would not be visible to others.

Now the latest to join the gang, BTS member Hyung took to Instagram to share the news that he got inked.

The post-translation read, “I also got a friendship tattoo”. Jin inked the tattoo on the left side of his back.

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A post shared by Jin of BTS (@jin)

Now Suga is the only BTS member left to get the friendship tattoo done.   

On the work front, all the BTS members have released their future plans and a few of them have released their solo songs also. But Jin has not made any official statement about his future plans. 

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