BTS ARMY Roasts Netflix After Its Controversial Tweet Over BTS Hiatus

1 Jul, 2022 11:52 IST|Sakshi Post

Netflix has got into trouble after sharing a tweet comparing BTS' recently-announced hiatus to boy band One Direction's break-up.

A couple of weeks back, in a video shared on BTS' YouTube channel, bandmate Suga said, "We’re going into a hiatus now,” which led fans to believe that they are breaking up and going their separate ways to pursue individual music journeys.

However, it was later made clear that BTS was not disbanding. They are just focusing on their individual projects. Now, Netflix's tweet has angered the  BTS ARMYs on social media. 

Sharing a promotional tweet about their  new show The Umbrella Academy, Netflix said, "The only thing we have in common is childhood trauma", Netflix wrote, “Millennia’s going through the Destiny’s Child “hiatus"… Gen Z going through the One Direction “hiatus”… Generation Alpha going through the BTS “hiatus".”

The joke did not sit well with the fans and they called out the streaming platform.

Calling out one of the best online streamers, one of the BTS fans wrote, "Also their rant on hiatus, how many times do we need to say this, they just released new music (sic)."

Many took offense to the fact that Netflix implied that Gen Alpha is their only fan. Gen Alpha was born after 2010 and using them as a reference to BTS' younger generation of fans had no relevance, BTS netizens felt.

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