BTS ARMY Anxious About Jin Leaving to Serve Military

14 Jun, 2022 16:26 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS is a renowned K-Pop band in the world now. The Bangtan boys including—RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have their own fan base. And they are almost loved equally by the BTS ARMY. 

Since the guys are from South Korea, do you know what are all the mandatory rules they have to follow as South Korean residents? There is a rule that every South Korean resident must serve the country in the military for at least 20 months. 

It is known that all the bangtan boys agreed to that and stated that they will serve the Army when they turn 30. The BTS ARMY is aware that Jin is turning 30 this year. BTS ARMY is afraid that is he going to leave the band to serve the military. 

Recently in an interview when Jin was asked about this, he said he had spoken about this with the company. The BTS group currently has left this issue to the discretion of the agency. BTS has already conveyed that they will accept calls of National Duty whenever the need arises. However, the policy has changed a little and so the agency is discussing this and monitoring the situation.

Further to this as an amendment is underway to exclude the BTS from this. It is difficult for both the BTS members as well as the company to make a decision and so, for now, they are keeping an eye on the changing amendment.
Whether Jin has to leave the BTS band for Military Service remains to be seen. What is going to happen if Jin leaves the BTS ARMY is unimaginable.

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