Bollywood Celebrities Leak Winner Of Bigg Boss 15

28 Jan, 2022 15:13 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss season 15 grand finale is all set to begin in just a couple of hours from now. Contestants in the house are having fun and enjoying their last day in the glass house without getting into any fights. 

However, we must mention that in yesterday's episode, Shamita and Tejasswi got into a heated argument over Tejasswi addressing Shamita as Aunty in a funny way in a task assigned by the audience. Shamita lashed out at Tejasswi and asked her to stay within her limits. She also asked Karan Kundrra to control Tejasswi. Several Bollywood celebrities trolled Tejasswi and slammed her, saying she can't age-shame anyone on the show. "Age shaming disgustingly ,then saying sorry..beyond pathetic !If this is a winner for anyone or a role model it’s truly sad. If you are insecure attack your man who makes you feel insecure instead of pulling  other women down #biggboss15 #shameful" Bipasha Basu tweeted. 

And other celebrities also mentioned the "Tejaswwi winner" hashtag in their tweets while slamming her. From this, Bigg Boss Hindi 15 viewers are pretty sure that Tejasswi Prakash will be the winner of this season. There's already a huge buzz doingt the rounds on social media saying that the Bigg Boss makers would make Tejasswi as the trophy winner of Bigg Boss 15. 

But let me tell our readers that Tejasswi was in the lead position with highest votes, and her fight with Shamita failed to affect her voting poll. A section of the audience are backing Tejasswi and pointing out that she apologised to Shamita, yet she is creating a mess to make Tejasswi look bad. They say that in the game, everything is fair and nothing should be taken personally. 

However, Shamita and Tejasswi fans are having a war of words on Twitter. 

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