The Bold Type Season 5 Finale: How Does it End?

27 Jun, 2021 11:17 IST|Sakshi Post

The Bold Type aired its first episode back in 2017 and after 5 seasons of a good run, the show is finally about to end. It all started with the women working at Scarlet and dreaming of achieving something big. After all these years, we are finally about to witness how it all worked out for our ladies. The Bold Type will end with season 5. The finale episode will air soon.

Kat Edison (Aisha Dee), Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) and Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) started at Scarlet magazine. After working there for four years, they climbed the ranks in their team. Sutton has now become a stylist, while Jane replaces Jacqueline Carlyle.

Over the years, the bold type became a show on everyone’s Watch list. All those who started watching it couldn’t help but binge it overnight. Season 5 started airing in the US on May 26.

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Talking about what happens in the finale of Season 5, the focus will be on the ladies. During previous episodes of this season, many things happened. In episode 3, ‘Rolling into the Future’, Jane finally learned what it means to be a good leader. She was trying too hard and fumbled many times as she took certain decisions that did not help Addison at all. On the other hand, Sutton was dealing with her divorce. She didn’t let the divorce bring her down but was trying to finally move forward in life.

In episode 5, we see that Sutton and Richard finally got a divorce and ended things. But then they ended up sleeping together, which will probably change the dynamics. Kat and Adena are working together, which led to things happening between them.

There are too many things, different subplots and loose threads that the show needs to tie together. But then again, the series was always about the friendship between the women. It was friends above other relations and career above anything else. The show has reached its beautiful ending as Jane was trusted to take over for Jacqueline Carlyle and will mostly become the EIC of Scarlet. Kat is using her knowledge and expertise to help people and Sutton is now a trusted stylist.

All the ladies succeeding in their lives and finally achieving what they always wanted will be the perfect end to the show.

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