Bimbisara Has Content That Will Leave The Audience Impressed: Kalyan Ram

3 Aug, 2022 14:03 IST|Sakshi Post

By Sarah Justin

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is returning to the silver screen with Bimbisara after a long hiatus. The film is directed by Vassita. Bimbisara is all set for a grand theatrical release on August 5, 2022.

How did Bimbisara land in your hands?

Vasishta approached me in 2018 as he wanted to tell the story. I was busy with the shoot of Mahanayakudu and I asked him to meet me after the shoot. He narrated the story and also said, Don’t ask for logic,there will only be magic—Time travel and fantasy elements and the topic was so refreshing, he started developing characters and that was Bimbisara 

Action episodes are art, what precautions did you take?

I’m giving baahubali reference, but it is not Bahubali. There will be no war episodes like Baahubali in Bimbisara. The film is all about an evil king and how he transforms into a Good person will be the story of Bimbisara 

Are you planning to release the film in other languages?

Yes why not? We can try for it. My base is Telugu audience, for my budget or range, I’ll
Put it out to our Telugu audience, the moment we step out from the Telugu audience, there is excess amount getting involved in Markets. We can release in other languages because the word of mouth helps the film reach wider audience 

How challenging was it to control cravings as you were a foodie?

I should thank my trainer. The best part about his training was that I had limited food without any ghee. I used to cheat on my diet every two weeks.

Dil Raju, Jr NTR saw the first print of Bimbisara, can we see 2.0?

Coming from an actor like Jr NTR really means a lot 

Do you take inputs from Jr NTR for your work?

Obviously, I’ll take tips from Jr NTR. He always gives his suggestions when I discuss scripts with him. We do carry out changes depending on the situation. It’s a normal process for any actors.

Will people walk into theatres at this time, do you expect they’ll come back and watch Bimbisara?

I’m pretty confident about Bimbisara, see Vikram, Vikrant Rona and Major—all did well because of content. Bimbisara has content, we are pretty confident the audience would love it.

Can we expect to see you work with  BalaKrishna and Jr NTR? 
We had a couple of sittings with Balayya Babai with a few scripts, but none of them were impressive. we are looking to find the right content. I have plans to produce Jr NTR and Balakrishna movies in future 

Upcoming projects?

There will be Bimbisara 2. 

The film is directed by Mallidi Vashisht.  Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha Menon will be seen as the female leads in the film. The music has been composed by MM Keeravani.

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