BiggBoss Telugu OTT Voting Results: Ashu Among Contestants in Danger Zone

7 Apr, 2022 09:29 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Non-Stop contestants are cooking up something interesting in the house and grabbing the audience attention. Currently, the captaincy task is underway, and contestants are finally showing their real faces in the task. It is known that Ashu and Akhil have become close and in every task, we can see they are playing group games. These group games and fights are quite common in the Bigg Boss house. For the past few weeks, Bigg Boss OTT Telugu viewers have vowed to eliminate Ashu from the house. It seems like they got a chance to evict Ashu this week. 

Talking about the nominated contestants for the sixth-week of elimination, Bindhu Madhavi, Shiva, Hamida, Ajay, Natraj Master, Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, and Mithra. Mumaith Khan, and Sravanthi. According to unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results  Bindhu Madhavi, Shiva, Hamida, Ajay, Natraj Master, and  Mahesh Vitta are in the safe zone. Ashu Reddy, Mithra. Mumaith Khan and Sravanthi are in a danger zone. Bindhu Madhavi and Shiva are again topping the voting polls. Ashu, Mumaith Khan, and Sravanthi are at the bottom of the list with fewer votes. Let's wait and watch whether Ashu or Sravanthi will face the axe in the sixth-week of elimination. 

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