Bigg Boss Ultimate Viewers Hail Bala's Fighting Spirit 

2 Apr, 2022 13:52 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Ultimate is getting a massive response from the audience, and viewers are glued to their televisions to watch the drama and fights between the contestants. Bigg Boss Ultimate is heading towards the grand finale next week. The Bigg Boss Ultimate viwers are having debates on the social media platforms about the Bigg Boss Tamil OTT winner and runner up. Many of them argue that Balaji M might lift the Bigg Boss OTT Tamil trophy and Ramya will be the runner up. After stepping into Bigg Boss Ultimate, Balaji M won the hearts of the audiences and has got a huge fan following. Ever since the beginning of the show, Balaji was the highlight of the show. Netizens say that Balaji is a big celebrity compared to that of the other contestants. 

Balaji stunned all and sundry with his game strategy and task performance. Bigg Boss Ultimate viewers say that his  strategies have worked for him. In yesterday's task, Balaji cycled for 6 hours as a part of the task. Earlier, Balaji had suffered injuries for weeks, but he still performed the tasks with immense dedication. We can say that Balaji has proved himself in every aspect. He is the strongest contestant to win the Big Boss Ultimate title. Anyway, Bigg Boss Ultimate viewers are cheering for Bala's fighting spirit.

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