Bigg Boss Ultimate Double Elimination This Week

19 Feb, 2022 11:31 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Ultimate is into its third week and is entering its fourth week. Bigg Boss Ultimate has become talk of the town, thanks to the contestants. The Contestants in the glass house are giving their best to impress the viewers and escape elimination. 

Another weekend has arrived, and it is time for another round of elimination in week 3. The contestants who are in the nomination list for this week's elimination are Balaji Murugadoss, Niroop Nandakumar, Julie, Shariq Khan, Abhinay Vaddi, Anitha Sampath, Thamarai Selvi, and Snehan. 

There is speculation on social media platforms that the Bigg Boss Ultimate makers are planning a double elimination this week. They say that Shariq and Snehan are likely to get an exit pass from the Bigg Boss Ultimate house. According to the social media vote polling, Shariq, Snehan, and Abhinay Vaddi are the contestants with the least number of votes. But the Bigg Boss Ultimate makers might save Abhinay and eliminate Snehan. 

Vanitha Vijaykumar is the current captain of the Bigg Boss Ultimate house. Talking about the recent college student election task, Balaji won over Niroop. Balaji won the election with a lead of one vote, as he got five votes and Niroop got four votes.

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