Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Highest Paid Contestants

16 Sep, 2022 12:47 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants are managing to pull the audience to watch the show with fun and sob stories in the glass house. Compared to the first week, the second week's TRP seems to have increased, and the contestants are also making every effort to improve their game. Currently, the most talked about contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house are Geetu, Revanth, Sri Satya and Bala Aditya. Revanth and Geetu. Contestants are indulging a war of words over every small issue which is irritating the audience. Yet, viewers are waiting some action in the Bigg Boss house. 

Bala Aditya is getting huge support from the audience for his positive attitude inside the house. At present, 21 contestants are there in the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house, and the audience is desperate to know who is the highest paid contestant in the house. 

The audience assumed that singer Revanth could be the highest-paid contestant in the house. But as per Instagram pages of Revanth, Rohit, and Marina are the highest-paid contestants in the show, followed by Revanth and Chanti, the second highest-paid contestants. If you have been regularly watching Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 on Maa TV, you would know that Rohit and Marina entered the house as a couple are said to be earning around Rs 70K per week, with a total weekly remuneration of Rs 4.2 lakhs. 

Chanti and singer Revanth are taking home around Rs 60k per day and the total remuneration per week is around Rs 4 lakh. So, as per Instagram sources, the highest-paid contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 are Revanth, Chalaki Chanti, Rohit, and Marina. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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