Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5: Vishwa, Ravi Are Like Sohel, Akhil

7 Sep, 2021 15:06 IST|Sakshi Post

The new promo of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is out! Vishwa got access to the power room and he is very happy. Vishwa tells the names of two contestants and they have to keep all their dresses and belongings in the storeroom. Vishwa comes out of the room and told them that he told the names of Ravi and Priya to Bigg Boss. Then Ravi wears a pink coloured dress and keeps all his things in the storeroom. While Ravi was walking 'Laddole Vunnadi ra Pori' song plays then all the contestants make fun of Ravi. The promo is super cool.

Vishwa picks up Ravi in his hands and in the promo, he said that he got impressed with the words of Ravi. Vishwa said that he lost his brother last year and he became emotional. Then Ravi hugs him and consoles him. It looks like Ravi and Vishwa are going to be like Sohel and Akhil. Here is the promo.

We all know that Sohel and Akhil shared a good bond in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. They used to support each other and they were like brothers. Akhil and Sohel were the top five contestants of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Akhil was the runner-up of the show. Both Akhil and Sohel won the hearts of the folks with their incredible acting skills. They played their game hundred percent and entertained audiences during their stint in the Bigg Boss house.

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