BB Telugu 4: No Wild Card Entries In Further Episodes

9 Oct, 2020 14:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss season 4 already witnessed three wild card entries of which one has come out from the house already. The show has become quite popular with Nagarjuna as the host. In the second week, Kumar Sai entered the house as a wild card contestant, followed by Avinash. Later, Swathi Deekshith entered the house and she took the exit door in less time. Now, the show organizers are planning to come up with no more wild card entries in the show.

The eviction of Swathi Deekshith did not go well with the audience. Though the show organizers claim that Swathi got less votes, it is not believable. The audience wanted Swathi in the house but unfortunately, she had to leave the house. The show organizers might plan a double elimination this week or the next week. This week, Sujatha might get eliminated from the show.

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