Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Winner Bindu Madhavi's Total Earnings

22 May, 2022 12:29 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Non Stop Bindu Madhavi was one of the most popular and strongest contestants in the house. Bindu Madhavi has gained a huge following outside the house. Bindu is one of the reasons for Bigg Boss Non Stop good viewership. Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers are impressed with Bindu's behaviour and they gave her the name AadaPulli of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT season 1. The final speech of Bindu Madhavi has increased their respect towards her. Anyway, most of the contestants were against Bindu and wished Akhil to win the show, but the audience gave the correct decision. Did you know this? Bindu Madhavi is one of the highest-paid contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. 

Sources say that she was paid Rs 4 lakh per week. The Bigg Boss Non Stop winner prize money is Rs 40 lakh. So Bindu bagged the title along with a cash prize and her total earnings might be around Rs 1 cr.

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