Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Look Which Contestant Got Eliminated in Week 2

13 Mar, 2022 15:06 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Non-Stop has completed its second week and entering the third week. The show is not getting as many views as expected by the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers. The contestants in the house are also not giving good content for the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu viewers to watch the show. Netizens say that Bigg Boss is not assigning tough tasks which can bring in competitive spirit among the contestants. As we all know Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants have been divided into two groups—Challengers and Warriors. Former contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu became 'warriors' while the new contestants were seen as "challengers."

The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT audience says that challengers are playing better than the warriors. They also add that warriors are losing in the task due to their overconfidence. Meanwhile, in yesterday's episode, contestants nominated Natraj as the best performer. 

Talking about the third-week eliminations Akhil, Shiva, Ariyana, Sarayu, Hamida, Ashu, Anil, Natraj Master, Mahesh Vitta, Mitra, and Rapaka have been nominated. According to the social media rumors Rapaka got an exit pass from the Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu house. If the rumors turn true, then Sree Rapaka will be the second contestant to eliminate from the show. Let us wait and watch tonight's episode. 

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