Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Eighth Week Eliminated Contestant Is...

24 Apr, 2022 09:50 IST|L Manisha

It's elimination day in the Bigg Boss house. Are you curious to know which contestant got an exit pass from the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT in the eighth week? Then check this out. 

This week had a lot of tough tasks for the contestants. So their performance and their spirit to win the task was high. No contestant gave up easily even though they suffered physical injuries. 

Even Bigg Boss Non-Stop viewers enjoyed the show and reports say that Bigg Boss Non-Stop live recorded the highest viewership this week. 

Anyway, it is worth mentioning here that Baba Bhaskar added some spice to the show. Talking about the eighth week elimination, Bindhu, Ajay, Akhil, Hamida, Anil, and Ashu were nominated for eviction in week 8. But Baba Bhaskar saved Bindhu from elimination with special power given by the Bigg Boss.

With the exit of Bindhu from the elimination round, Ashu, Hamida, Akhil, Ajay, and Anil remained on the list. According to Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results on social media platforms, Ajay got was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house nonstop house. Earlier, everyone thought that Bigg Boss Non Stop makers may save Ajay for content like they did in the seventh-week elimination, but viewers were shocked by the makers' choice for elimination.

Ajay gave his best and tried to be in the good books of the audience. A section of the audience says that Ajay lost his game as he was after Akhil and he really didn’t focus on the game as much as he focused on gossiping with Akhil and Ashu about Bindhu. Yet, his popularity grew, thanks to his entry into Bigg Boss Non-Stop house. Sakhi Post wishes Ajay all the best in all his future endeavours. 

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