Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Fifth Week Nomination List

3 Oct, 2022 10:24 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 contestants are entertaining the audience and trying hard to be in the good books of the audience. In yesterday's episode, Bigg Boss Telugu 6 host Nagarjuna eliminated Arohi from the house. Arohi's elimination was unexpected because she was on a love track with RJ Surya, and viewers expected the producers to save her for TRP ratings. Anyway, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers were impressed with the makers' fair elimination. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 has completed its third week and entered its fourth week. As per the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 live stream, contestants are nominating each other with full fire and having ugly arguments.

The contestants who got nominated for fourth week elimination are Vasanthi, Inaya, Fiama, Aadi reddy, Chalaki Chanti, Arjun, and Marina. Rohit and Marina will be two contestants, which means if Rohit gets nominated, Marina will not be on the nomination list. So Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers troll Marina for fourth week elimination. On the other hand, Revanth and Geetu are safe from this week's elimination process. Netizens say that Aadi Reddy, Srihan, Satya, Geetu, and Faima gave valid points in the nominations, and other contestants played safe. Let us wait and watch who will get evicted from the house in the fourth week. 

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