Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Ravi Playing Cunning Game, Say Netizens

29 Sep, 2021 15:59 IST|Sakshi Post

In Bigg Boss, there will be a situation if the contestants say anything in a good way but it projects in a bad way. In Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Ravi is currently facing this situation.

As we know, last week there was a huge fight between Ravi, Lahari, and Priya. In the weekend episode, Nagarjuna showed a video to Lahari. In that video, it proved that Ravi said those words. Even so, Lahari feels the same thing and hugs Priya. In another incident, Nagarjuna asked a question to the contestants: who is the cunning fox in the house? However, no one answered the question, but all the contestants saw Ravi, and it showed that they gave the answer indirectly.

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After seeing Ravi was hurt and sharing his emotions with Natraj Master, a section of the audience said that Ravi spoke in the correct way but it was projected in a wrong manner.

Few audiences also say that Ravi plays a cunning game and covers it up as he is not playing it. Do you agree with it? Comment below.

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