Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Crack in Siri-Shannu Friendship?

20 Oct, 2021 19:53 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is becoming more intriguing by the day, as the equations between contestants are changing. As we stated earlier, there are no permanent friends and foes in the Bigg Boss house because the bond and opinions change quickly every minute. If one contestant's bestie is getting close to another contestant, then there is bound to be a fight in the house. We all know that Jessie, Shannu, and Siri were best friends and seemed inseparable at the beginning of Season 5, but now there seems to be crack in the friendship between Siri and Shannu.

If we observe clearly, of late, Siri seems to be leaning more towards Sreerama Chandra and avoiding Shannu and Jessie. In yesterday's episode, Shannu and Jessie talked about Siri's bonding with Sreerama, and Jessie was surprised after watching them. Shannu got irritated on witnessing Siri and Sreerama's bond and decided to stop talking. Siri broke down into tears when Jessie asked her something. Now, it seems that all is not well in the Bigg Boss house and there seems to be cracks appearing between Siri and Shannu. What is your opinion on it? Comment below. 

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