BB4 Telugu: Did Sohel Manipulate Mehboob For Captaincy?

9 Oct, 2020 12:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Sohel, Divi, Abhijeet, Avinash, Gangavva and Monal performed well in the captaincy task in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Mehboob got easily manipulated by Sohel and he lost the task for their friendship. While some sections of the audiences endorse Sohel's performances, there are others who did not seem to like this attitude of Sohel. 

On social media, they talked about how Sohel exploited his relationship with Mehboob just for the sake of captaincy. They are trolling him for being manipulative. 

On the other hand, Ariyana and Lasya tried their best to win the hearts of the public watching them and we can see that they have put in some genuine efforts into the task. But by the end of the task, they somehow went on a side track and lost their way. 

Abhijeet looked the sure candidate to win the task but he lost the task due to Sohel's 'clever manipulation' using Mehboob and Amma Rajasekhar. Divi lost the initiative in the end moments of the task. 

In the whole scenario, Mehboob appeared as a person without a clear cut outlook for his journey in the house. Noel Sean, Savitri, Harika and Karthik Sai failed to really tilt the game to their side all through the task. 

Well, things have started to become more and more interesting. The show has really picked up among the audiences. At the beginning many thought this would be a bad season but it is proving out to be a very highly interesting one now.

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